Hey all..
Happy new year ..

I am insearch of converting the android application(apk) to java desktop application.
I dont want to run it in some sort of emulators. I want to convert the apk file into java(J2se) desktop applciation and run it on my desktop.
Can you suggest some ideas..

Thanks in advance :)

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Thanks for the reply. I found that article long ago and i tried it before and it worked.
I can see the code inside the apk through that method. But i dont want to understand the code and re-write it in java. I just need to run the apk file on my pc .

If you do not want to use emulator and you do not want to rewrite it to Java you cannot because your pc wouldn't understand in which order to run steps and how to handle stuff comming from or requested by apk

ofcourse..using emulator is far better than rewriting the total android code to java.
Instead of using the defualt android emulator , i prefer some third party softwares for that.
I found this Bluestacks. BUt it is not working.

Any other options..

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