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i have a code that creates a login password for a user in my android app. The code first of all compares the setPass and the confirmation pass then saves it in the db. My problem is that its doing the checking on the first part of the if function but not on the else part statements. Here is my code below...

   savePass.setOnClickListener(new OnClickListener() {
     public void onClick(View v) {

            Log.d("login", "Checking whether passwords created ok");
            Log.d("login", "setPass: " + setPass.getText().toString());
            Log.d("login", "conPass: " +  conPass.getText().toString());

            error.setText("Passwords do not match!");
            Log.d("login", "showing dialog 0 ");
            Log.d("login", "Instantiating loginNew");
            Login login = new Login();

            Log.d("login", "Adding to db");
            Log.d("login", "opening main login form");
            Intent intent = new Intent("com.philsoft.budget.activity_main");