I want to start learning Android programming. I was wondering what is the best book for beginners on android programming?

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Go to Google's Android development web site, download/install the android emulator, learn Java (Android's Dalvik is java with a different compiler/virtual-machine), and get some Java programming books. There are tonnes on Amazon.

You need to know Java, if you don't then go and learn it then come back.

If you know Java, then perhaps reading one of these books will be suficient enough


First of thing you must have java knowledge. Without knowing knowledge of java Android development is difficult. You can refer following books to learn Android App Development.

• Unlocking Android: a developer's guide

• Android Programming Tutorials

You can try "Sams Teach Yourself Android Application Development in 24 Hours" for easy learning.

Deitel Android how to Program

Android Tutorial for beginners - Learn Android Programming to develop android mobile phone Application.

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