Im android developer < I started with android without abase of java. well I worked as android developer for a year but I feel that my skills not improved very well after a year just like something missing.
my question is: if I focuse on learning android gonna make me proffisonal or I have to start with java from the beginning?

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If you aren't a competent programmer, especially with Java skills, then you aren't going to become a good Android developer. Android Dalvik applications ARE Java. Focus on object-oriented design and programming, which is what Java is all about.

Without the basics, you are going to be stuck with elementary skills.


Hard to judge what would be the targeted areas for improvements. Do you have any open source project we can have look?

Otherwise I would ask how confident you are with collectable, what sort of components/librarues you are using for networking, json parsing, image handling.
Did you do any code testing? JUnit, Mockito, Espresso, Robolectric, Instrumentation, UIAutomator, Monkey

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