Hello i ve got this message from a fellow programmer.
* Directly you load your site from your server in to android or IOS like iframe, we have the option in mobile device webview you can directly load your site url into the mobile app*

and this
* if you have public access just create the app in your server and put the files in your server give me the url of your site just i onfigure the app getting response from your website*

I already have a webiste written in php and i want to make it a native mobile app. Can anyone elaborate what he meant?

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I think he was refering to an app that is nothing more than an in-app browser (a web view) that points to your website. Meaning the app wouldn't work without an internet connection (probably not an issue).

yes thats what i thought. Bu t we where speaking for creating an mobile app and i find it curious

Whats the difference between a native app and in-app browser?

There is no difference. You would be creating an app that would display HTML, using whatever view in that language achieved that effect.
For example, a native iOS app that was just a view of a web site would use an UIWebView, in Android it would be a WebView and if you were building in Cordova/Phonegap you need to add the inAppBrowser plugin (which is simply Cordova's way of generating the two above for those platforms).

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