Hello everyone,I am having no experience in android or mobile app develpment but having some questions

is it possible to have app which works offline without internet(devices can be connected LAN) where in each device have data stored of main stock of items which will be updated once in month.Now if anyone on device 1 has added item in cart then that particular items quantity should be deducted from main stock quantity and in real time notification are send other devices(all devices are offline)?
Any suggestions are welcome is that even possible if not how can it be implemented

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can anyone help me with this?

You have to define offline here. By offline you mean no internet. It appears you have a LAN with WiFi so is that connected or not?

Yeah as i mentioned it will be without internet and yes all they can be connected through wifi but without internet

Then your app would send such messages as need be. I don't see the problem here.

Unless you were expecting such an app to be off the shelf.

rproffitt could you elaborate more i need to know how this will work

I can't write your app for you but you could, in your app, have a "listener" for a message that the database has changed.

If this was me I'd have some server that hosted the database and an app to notify subscribed clients there was a change.

But I must stop short of writing your app and answer that given the story so far all you need is the design, your server and client apps.

-> It's possible that you may want to forget any client app and make it all web based on your server. That way inventory data is centralized and you never lose track of who is the master. The other upside is you never deal with client apps. Your server/web/database doesn't care if it's Android, iOS, Windows or other devices asking.

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