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I have been struggling on a project for few weeks but yet, still no fruity result.
Having an app that is running on ios ipad.

I have a requirement to remove inhouse app if the app was not logged in for x number of days. It is in-house app, not on appstore.
I have tried imkira mobiledevice and libimobiledevice.
But nothing working.

Hoping for guru to give me some sun shine.

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programming used: Object C

Your requirements may be at odds with Apple's iOS rules. I am not an expert in the Apple iOS rules but this seems to violate a rule I've read.

Instead have the app pop up and show it has expired and how to correct.

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Well, I guess is it too bad that it was one of our company's security policy.
I have been 'wandering' around for answers.
for example: libimobiledevice/ideviceinstaller

but nothing's working.

As I known of, there was one corporate that managed to do it on their 'in-house' app.
They are not disclosing on how they did it.
: (

Remember I didn't duplicate any google research on this. Just writing something I ran into with a fellow that wanted to write an uninstaller for iOS. They went down in flames.

As to your company not sharing the code, wow. How rude.

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hi roriffitt,
I guess, it was their non-disclosure policy.
Gosh...need more panadols....

It's very odd to have non-disclosure inside a company. Usually companies want to reduce development costs, not duplicate and increase cost.

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Because it is different company.
That's the reason, they are not sharing.

I have included NSTask.h in my ios project but
NSTask seems not working.

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