Hello i want to create an app -not native- to work with iOS, Android, and Windows. I am working with Ionic Framework to do that. A programmer told that i should use CodeIgniter because i am good with PHP. Whats your opinion about Ionic and CodeIgniter?

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Ionic is frontend and codeigniter is backend. Use both if you want to. Or neither.


Didn't want to sound flippant. Ionic is where you chose interactive actions and style/look. Codeigniter gives you the request management to central data. Not proper vocab, but seems the easiest way to think about it.

There may be points of intersection such as templating - will it be angular or Ci?

He confused me because he said that i shall use CodeIngiter instead of Ionic. I knew that there are not something of the same to choose from

@alan.davies angular. I use an PHP api provider to connect the Ionic project to my database. Why should i use CodeIgniter as a backend? Thats what confused me

DaniWeb is written in CodeIgniter and I love it

Ok @Dani, i am sure Daniweb is well written. But why use CodeIgniter?

A bunch of years ago, I wanted to migrate away from DaniWeb being on vBulletin into our own in house platform. I had limited experience writing an app entirely from scratch, and no MVC experience at all. I read that CI was a very easy framework to get up and started with MVC, and that it stayed out of the way a lot. I've since iterated upon DaniWeb significantly, and designed Dazah on it as well. I like that it's incredibly lightweight, meaning that you can take advantage of MVC functionality and URI routing, etc., but it isn't emeshed into every single line of code. It tends to be pretty performant and bug-free for me.

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