I want to Develop A mobile app in android for my food business.
Can anyone suggest me any company and the cost of the App?


robertjsullivan commented: The cost of the food delivery app can be between $15,000 to $30,000. Additional features along with a choice of platform, i.e., iOS or Android, the co +0

Small world. My son is doing the gig thing for the Amazon Whole Foods delivery. You can look at that to see the scale of the apps for the customer facing apps. You might think that such an app is "just one app."

SURPRISE! In the Amazon system you have their web system, their mobile apps which you can see right now. But woah! There are apps for the folk that pick the stock, bag and tag system (another app), then the delivery folk have their app (grubhub too) and then the app all the workers use to pick their shifts.

The more I see of this system the higher the price tag goes. The Amazon system I'm seeing would be in the millions of dollars since there are many apps plus their backend systems.

For the single shop, you may want to look at GrubHub and see if that is your cheap exit.

the app development companies charges on per hour basis and the charges may vary from location to location. It can be different for various countries. In general, US-based developers charges between $200 to $300 while European developers charge at $100 to $200.

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The food delivery app development cost mostly depends on the type of functionality you want to in your app. However, to provide an estimated value, a simple food delivery app may cost around $11,000 – $25,000, whereas a more advanced solution may go beyond $40,000.

U.S. based developers: – $50 to $250 per hour
Eastern Europe based developers: – $30 to $150 per hour
India based developers: – $10 to $80 per hour

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The cost to develop a food delivery app on Android platforms is depend of project scoop, Normally you must have around 3 to 4 k usd budget.

Of course there is also the fact that the API's for mobile apps are constantly changing. This requires regular and constant updates to your code.

Your food delivery APP can have custom functions which you will need based on your business data. You will have to hire the developer on Hourly basis. Hourly basis cost range from $7 to $25 per hour in most companies. So make sure how much budget you have and what functions you gonna have in your app.

Thank you !

Hmm, Cost of developing an food delivery app ranges approximately from $6500 to $11,000. I'd suggest you to develop Healthcare app which can be between $4500 to $11,500. By the way, it has much profitable income

Let's consider the median development cost per hour of around $50 to $100. The cost of the food delivery app can be between $15,000 to $30,000. Additional features along with a choice of platform, i.e., iOS or Android, the cost can vary accordingly

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Why not just focus entirely on your food business and partner with Instacart to make your products easily accessible via online shopping?

The developers price maybe quite different. What's your budget?

It all depends on the size of the program. I think that you need to think about what you want to see in your program and turn to specialists. I can recommend EffectiveSoft Corporation to you. These are my friends, I think they will help you.

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Nobody can tell you for sure what kind of budget you need for the app, as all these predictions have no ground. In order to have a full understanding of the future costs, you need to make up a specification for your project (it doesn't mean that you have to do it yourself, usually in s/w development companies they gather all the requirements for your future project and make the spec for you). After you have the spec you can turn to almost any development agency and they'll make an estimate for you and you can plan your budget. Briefly, my advice is to write a good specification so that you would have smth you can go to the developers with, in other cases that'll be more of a waist of time for you and for the developers. No offence.

Prices for all companies reach the same price. It all depends on the complexity and functionality of the program. For example, our company needed to develop healthcare software, then we turned to Inoxoft https://inoxoft.com/industries/healthcare/. You understand that developing software for such an industry costs a lot of money, because it has a lot of nuances. The average mobile app for your industry will cost more than $ 15,000.

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