I want to know if the following is fact or fiction. I'm told you can build one codebase in ReactNative, then compile out Binaries for iOS, Android and Windows with little customization.

To clarify...''...the heavy lifting R&D is done in RN, and the Binaries "just pop out" with little $$cost or effort. All comments welcome!


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I'm going to write that for a few apps we did this was not an option since we used Bluetooth with the serial port profile and we had to turn back to native development. That is we ended up with apps using Android Studio and Visual Studio (Windows.)

If you are just doing web, Internet apps without a lot of hardware interfacing then what you are asking seems fine.

Thanks Robert,

1) Yes there's a rather complex interface to webcam, speaker and microphone for Webrtc Live Streaming, nothing else. I'd prefer to avoid Webview if possible and really want a singular codebase to be able to push out different flavours of phones. Am I dreaming here?

2) Are you the Mr. Profitt who developed Gaming for Charities? If yes, we need to talk.


  1. Exactly the type of hardware areas that you can run into trouble. My advice is to ask your developer to test out these areas now so you know if you can proceed with your development cycle. I will share that the company that tried something like what you lead with had to pull out of the deal and we had to step in with apps made in each dev system.

Of course this upsets folk that are looking for "I write the code one time for all platforms" and for me no big deal since my view is the DESIGN is where all the work was really done. That and the user interface.

  1. Sorry no. On top of that my works have been in products that either were military and later industrial control systems.

The problem maybe related to the complex interface of the webcam.

Hello there! As far as I understand, the main issue here is the webcamera interface, it's probably advanced.

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