This code is to split a Microsoft Access database and re-connect it on launch so that you can use Access on a multi user network...After Splitting the database manually, place the following code in the form that launches when the database is launched...

Public Function BackEndLoc() As String
'BackEndLoc = "\\zeus\Family Documents\Richard's Work\license_keys_be.mdb"
'...............that is the client's location for the file as _
installed. It is commented out as I am working on it locally
BackEndLoc = "\\zeus\Family Documents\Richard's Work\license_keys_be.mdb"
'...............that is the location of my development backend dummy _
data. This is currently active. I will switch the comment-outs when I _
send an update to the client.
End Function

Private Sub Form_Open(Cancel As Integer)
Dim strBEPath As String
' Minimize the database window and initialize the form.
strBEPath = BackEndLoc()
'other stuff
End Sub

Use the real path to the back end on the server in the function.

hi please include the objects that are needed in the code.