Hi all, I was wondering, is there also a classloader in C#? I know that Java has it; if there isn't a classloader in C#, how would one load classes during runtime? If there is a classloader, how do I use it? I mean can someone show me an example please :D

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I'm still a bit lost. I've read that Reflections allow users to read and modify application assemblies and its metadata but I'm still uncertain as to how I would load a class dynamically...
On the site CodeSource.net they give code for loading a binary file, but I want to be able to load a class during runtime. Suppose that the class name is specified in a file, for example an xml file:


So I'd want to create a WaveTrendSensor object but how do I load the appropriate class?


I don't know really if you can create object from class @ runtime and this class in text or xml file but you can work around this problem by creating assembly @ runtime and call this assembly by reflection. This solution if and only if Reflection don't create object from class @ runtime

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Thanks for the help man! :)

Oh gosh, it's moments like this that I wish I could just use Java. Thanks for the help Ramy!

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