hi everybody
im working on this little application for myself... when its done i want it to take screen shots of the entire screen at a given time. like every hour for example.
right now im still stuck on the fist part. how to you take a full screen screen shot? anyone know? i know the crtl + PrtSc option, but i want to make an application which can do it by itself.
so far i only found
public sub command1_Click()
End Sub
but thats no use as it only takes a picture of the application. i need the whole screen.
please help. have been trying to figure out for days...:-/
thanks in advance!!

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you need to implement some drawing api's

i've searched quite a lot and found nothing which actually works and captures the whole screen not just the form. there seem to be some working tutorials but only for windows 98... im on xp...
anyone know how to do this??


hi Jx_man i've already been on the thread before. i did everything as you previously explained
but when i click on the button nothing happens.
at the bottom at the page someone posted a finished application which can do screenshots. this one works fine to just capture one small part of the screen (takes a screen shot of the application including the blue bar on top) but when i chose to capture full screen nothing happens.
as you wrote the code already in the forum there is no need to rewrite it, but if you could maybe explain it or maybe tell me what im doing wrong that would help a lot.

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