Help us about randomizing frames with label and texts, or randomizing questions on a frame. or can anyone give us a game related to the game we have started (word games)... thanks.. need your replies

1. put a frame, just one frame
2. put label for the questions
3. put textbox for the answer.
4. put a button for checking
5. put all your questions in the database with their corresponding answer.
6. retrieve those randomized questions from the database
7. check the answer for that question.

is this what you wanted to be?

is there any other way other than using database?

or can we just use copied frames and assigned as an index?....

Well, if you don't use database you will have to "hard code" all the questions as well as answers, which will not be a good idea. Because everytime you want to add or change or delete some questions you will have to make changes in the source code of your program which will require recompiling of it, which may be a difficult task if you plan to distribute your program. So the best way to get what you want is through DATABASE

Rajesh Khanna