Make a java application called Statistics.java that implements the measures of central tendency and variation in descriptive statistics. Your program should make a use of one-dimensional array called rawScores with size 30. The rawScores array must be declared and constructed as global data of class Statistics. The array will hold values between 20 and 30, inclusive. These scores(between 20 and 30) must be randomly generated by your application using the class Random in java.util package. After all 30 scores are generated and placed in rawScores array, implement the following...

public static double mean();

public static int median();

public static int mode();

public static int range();

public static void display();
(This method will display in tabular form the sorted(in ascending order) raw score together with its frequency)

Actually guys i know how to get the mean,range and median(but only in the main method) but the mode is difficult to get... i dont know how to implement methods...please help me.....

THANK YOU IN ADVANCED...............

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