Hi.I have been learning c++ lately and I'm rather interested in learning to produce source codes and applications(games maybe).I need know that whether my choice about learning c++ for game programming is right or not.I'm not interested in web developement.I have read some of the posts in c++ forums and gained some knowledge. :cool: everybody is talking about IDE'S or Integrated Developing Environment but I think all langauges have IDE's except the old ones?
Like,I have a c++ compiler.I have been told that it's possible to link a text file written in notepad with my compiler and then run it.I have tried to open the text file from my c++ but it opens,I can't compile.Maybe you have noticed that,writing my codes in notepad is far easier than writing my codes in a c++ built-in text editor.If I need to delete one character I need to use mouse.If I use keyboard and hold the backspace key for three seconds,everything gets washed up! :evil: :mad:
BTW,would anyone please tell me the difference between a <iostream.h> and <iostream>?
Also,this is a different type of question for you.Please,give me some hints about creating a c++ application which will find ask the user to input his zodiac,output a paragraph about that zodiac in more than one lines.Do I need to use the "cin","cout",printing characters like \n or endl only?If you tell me the keywords that will of course help me.

Why did you post this in the web dev forum?
Ok, using IDE's is very nice. And I think every language has at least one. C++ has a ton. Visual C++ is a very nice one, that I like to use. C++ is a good language for games, I know quite a few games coded in it. I guess it all depends on what type of games you're trying to create. Quake III was coded in C++ if I remember correctly.
<iostream.h> and <iostream> are the same thing. Just one is coded with the ANSI/ISO standard(the one without the .h) and the other is old style. Don't use the .h.
For your zodiac thing, cin and cout would be fine if you are wanting to create a simple command line type thing. Just use a switch statment:

#include <iostream>
#include <String>
using namespace std;
int main()
String zSign;
cout << "Type your zodiac sign: "
       << endl;
    case sign:
        cout << "blah stuff about blah sign...."
               << endl;
    case sign2:
         cout << "Blah stuff about blah sign 2..."
                << endl;
         cout<< "you must not have a sign"
               << endl;
return 0;

the syntax may be off a little, it's been forever since I've used c++. But you should get the idea. The \n and endl are two different things. The \n prints a new line, you should place one wherever you want a new line to start. The endl clears out the out-buffer.
Hope this helped some :)

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