Hey people!

I have been using VB2008 since it came out now, and have also used the 2005 version, but I was just wondering, if there is ANY way to create a Chat Application, or any way to create an IM service.
Please help me :)


thx, but im not eally sure how to fully understand this :S
i wil giv it a go :)
any other ideas?

there are code for this....
sorry if it can't help you.

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wel i am sure the code is very useful but I just don't know how to use it :S

to do such thinks you must use sockets

try this

Imports System
Imports System.Net.Sockets
Imports System.IO
Public Class ServerSocket1
Public Shared Sub Main()
Dim status As Boolean = True
Dim servermessage As String = ""
Dim clientmessage As String = ""
Dim tcpListener As New TcpListener(8100)
Console.WriteLine("Server Started")
Dim socketForClient As Socket = tcpListener.AcceptSocket()
Console.WriteLine("Client Connected")
Dim networkStream As New NetworkStream(socketForClient)
Dim streamwriter As New StreamWriter(networkStream)
Dim streamreader As New StreamReader(networkStream)
While status
If socketForClient.Connected Then
servermessage = streamreader.ReadLine()
Console.WriteLine("Client:" + servermessage)
If (servermessage = "bye") Then
status = False
End If
clientmessage = Console.ReadLine()
End If
End While
Catch e As Exception
End Try
End Sub
End Class

This is one of numerous manners to program with sockets of cahting based applications

First of all the link that JX gave was perfect. Harry you should put on some effort to understand how the code works.. Good explanation Jugortha..

Try this link too

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oh no , its not that I didnt think it was useful, I really aprichate the help, its just, well Im not the brightest of blubs
It just takes me a little time to understand and work things out, and after taking a good look at it, I have found out how it works, but considering I am only 15, I may not be as experianced as other profesional programmers here, but yes this is very helpful and I thank you.

With VB.NET I am starting to understand more all the time, although, there are a few things that I am highly confuzed with, one of these is 'sockets'
At the moment I am looking in how to make use of sockets.

Thanks anyway x

hmm... do some googling to find sockets friend...
you are very enthusiastic for this...

happy finding :)

PS : age not a obstruction (do your best)

in order to help you to make the first step
focus on those objects

Socket , TcpClient, TcpListener, NetworkStream
these are main tool to cook a good based chat application you can get help either from MSDN or from the web just focus on those objects at the begining

yeah just stay clear of the VB6 stuff, vb6 winsock apps dont upgrade cleanly to .net

O kool thanks, yer i got confuzed with the whole winsock thing, but Im gona try nd see if I can make a chat app, thanks for all the help !

You must try, and if you have difficulties just send a message