i am using VB 6.0 and MSAccess in my project.. in one of the forms i use a flexgrid to store data into and load data from database. and also to edit each cell i use a textbox.
alll these are working perfect, bt i have a problem with saving the edited data..i.e i load data from DB and then after editing i need to make changes in the DB ..

but it doesnt work,
this is the code i use load and save data..

code for save data
For a = 1 To i - 1
rs!item_code = flex.TextMatrix(a, 1)
rs!part_no = flex.TextMatrix(a, 2)
rs!item_dec = flex.TextMatrix(a, 3)
rs!qty = flex.TextMatrix(a, 4)
rs!Rate = flex.TextMatrix(a, 5)
rs!unit = flex.TextMatrix(a, 6)
rs!amt = Val(flex.TextMatrix(a, 7))

Next a

this is the code to load data from DB

For a = 0 To rs.RecordCount - 1
flex.TextMatrix(a + 1, 1) = rs!item_code
flex.TextMatrix(a + 1, 2) = rs!part_no
flex.TextMatrix(a + 1, 3) = rs!item_dec
flex.TextMatrix(a + 1, 4) = rs!qty
flex.TextMatrix(a + 1, 5) = rs!Rate
flex.TextMatrix(a + 1, 6) = rs!unit
flex.TextMatrix(a + 1, 7) = rs!amt

Next a

is there a way to edit the exizting data of DB using a flexgrid ? or do i have to write an UPDATE query and execute it ?

can someone plz help me with this ?

its better to use an update query instead of using the update method.

ya i will try that method.. thanks anyway

I create a project add some item (C_Number,E Number, Model, Type, Color, Key No, Price(numeric field)) in MSFlexGrid1. then add a button when click on this add the record in data1, but only 1(one) data add in the data1 database. I use access database. How can I add all (minimum 2 or maximum 12 record) add in data1 database. Please help me.......

Private Sub Command11_Click()
Dim count As Integer
MSFlexGrid1.Col = 0
Data2.Recordset.Fields("C_Number") = MSFlexGrid1.Text
MSFlexGrid1.Col = 1
Data2.Recordset.Fields("E_Number") = MSFlexGrid1.Text
End Sub