Ok, so Im gunna make an Embeded Browser Based Application Framework Development, you know, kinda like java or flash.

How would I go about this? Links? Tutorials? Anything?

And dont just say "if yo dont know how this works you shouldnt be trying it.", because if noone teaches me how am I supposed to learn right?

~Mini12321 (Formerly known as "Mini" untill I found out my username was taken >.>)

More info:

Id prefer a tutorial, but just information on how its done is great too.
For now I simply want to do the following SIMPLE things:
-Load it up in a browser.
-Have these simple commands avalable for the frameworks applications:
(drawed image will not be cleared untill the command "screen.clearscreen()" is called.)
----Screen.DrawText(x,y,string); - draws text
----System.MouseGetX(); - return x of mouse
----System.MouseGetY(): - ^ same as above, but y
----Screen.ClearScreen(); - clears the screen

SO im gussing nobody is going to reply?

It fell off the first page in the first day, and I doubt anybody ever checks the 2nd page...