hello anyone, hope you could help me, im working for my project a mini system in title Test Banking system, definitely its an examination system that might use at our guidance office for students to do their entrance examination. Im just beginner and doesnt have idea on how do i use option box and the conditions that go with it. I wanted to use option box for students not to type their answer anymore, they just choose and click. and the answer of the student using option box reflects also to the database and that counts of how many questions he/she answers correctly and how many mistakes.. please i need help now. Im still student and beginner to this. Thank you

well you can use the following syntax to implement option buttons :-

if option1.value=true then
''code your statements
elseif option2.value=true then
''code your statements
end if

an option button has two state to judge its selection and it has a value method which is a boolean type parameter.

if the option is selected then it returns true else returns false. now based on selection you can store caption of the same option button into ur database as answer supplied by a student like rs!answer=option1.caption

hope u'll get some from this.

i just tried to give u some basics about option button. now according to ur post its been a long story in order to solve out ur entire question. may it takes some time. if i got it then i'll reply u.



can u give examples?!
im abit mess?!

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