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I am using adodc to connect with my database in my application. I have command button to show my report consisting of the columns of that table in database. I also have command button to add data in the database during runtime. I can see the report updated for any firsttime i press the button. but after adding any new data in the database i cant see the new datas in my report . The report was just as the previous one. But again restarting the application i got the updated report. I want my report to update every time i press the show report button. How can i do that? If you have any solution please help me by attaching a project with your solution. Please help me.


What should be the code for refreshing? I use
"dim rs as recordset"
and after doing "rs!add new"
i do "rs.update"
It is under add data command.
Show report command only have "report.show"
What should i do actually?
I am using datagrid.


Try this and Tell me if it worked.

'Add this to Command Button

'And this to obviously, Data Report
Private Sub DataReport_Terminate()
End Sub

Many many thanks cometburn. Your code do the work for me. I had to use only the first part of the code. Terminating the report does not help. Manu many thanks again bro.....

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