v are the students of engineering and developing a project on speech recognition system.
our system is just opening the applications.can anyone just help us so that v can create a agent that will train the system with different voices.if anyone can give us the code it will be more aaceptable.more information or enhancement can be accepted.

you need to use microsoft agent control/editor and voice recognition engine components. these should be installed as add-ons onto your target machine. the first one is used for sending & displaying diff. characters/agents to show diff. custom msgs and the later on is used to make the agents capable to talk.

you can download these components from Microsoft's official download centre

its totaly free.


ok i can name a few components that u require to accomplish your job. and they are :-

1. Lernout & Hauspie TrueVoice American English TTS Engine
2. Microsoft Agent Character Editor
3. Microsoft Speech Recognition Engine 4.0 (English)

and u also need some narrator characters like PEEDY, ROBBY, GENIE, MARLIN,etc.

just go to THIS LINK (forget the above one) and u will find everything out there.
and u will find some sample codes also.


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