Hello, I know basically nothing about programming but none the less I have chose to play with VB2008 just the same. I read learn Visual basic in 24 hours, didn't do me any good..(other than learning random info)

All I want to do is make a application that links to other applications as in starts another application via a button.

Not looking for a how-to, I don't want to irritate anyone with a trivial question but google has turned up nothing that I can understand or seems to be relevant.

Now to the question!!
---I have a similar standalone .exe that does what I want it to but only different wrote in vb6. Is it possible to disassemble the program to see what the maker has done?
---OR does anyone know where tutorials for this type of application would be?

Thank you for at least looking


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vb2008, I know it said 4/5/6 but I didn't see anywhere else. Thanks


post it in vb.net forum.Anyway here's the code:

//open notepad...
put this in your command button event...

x = Shell("NOTEPAD.EXE", AppWinStyle.NormalFocus) 

replace notepad.exe to whatever application you want to open(sometimes including the path to where the program resides).

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