I need a simple script to show the user a “wait while I process screen after they hit a submit button.

The user submits a customer number (into a post form) and then my next page develops a report, but it can take 60 seconds. The wait while processing note would warn them of the delay

I thought of using two div tags. Make the 2nd on not visible on load.

Then when user hits submit the note become visible and the original screen is NOT visible.

The fixed note would stay on the screen until my next page starts returning HTML.

This would look better than the screen just sitting there for 60 seconds.

Can anyone offer any suggestions???

Use a progress bar. The problem with simply telling the user "please wait" is that sometimes the user gets impatient and just thinks that the process failed. Most of the time the user will simply hit "Stop" then "Reload Page", then "Submit again"

Here is a very nice progress bar in DHTML:

By the way this should be in the web design forum not the Java forum.