I made a hotel software and connected it to a access database created using the visual data manager. The software runs very well but when records in a table for daily stock taking reaches around 2000 the software starts messing up with my table. I am suspecting that the table has a limit as to the number of records. But every book and notes contradict this. Even on entering manually a record at this point , I close the table and on opening, its gone! Wold it help if i use ms access to create a table instead of the visual data manager?pls help!!!!!!

it might be. but using ms-access directly to create ur db may raise a version confliction problem when you will be trying to connect it from your vb application.

for your kind information, your vb application is unable to access data from any db created in ms-access rather than version 97 and 2000. this means you must have ms-office 97 or 2000 installed on ur local server to make able ur apps directly communicate with access db (if it is created using ms-access IDE also). if u installed ms-office rather than the two mentioned versions you must use visual data manager to create ur access db.

it is always recommended that for a big amount of data transfer use RDBMS having extendable flexibility rather ms access. I will advise you to use sql server instead of using ms access.

if you still wish to continue with your option then you might be required to install a service pack for visual basic 6. seearch for it in google or goto download.microsoft.com site and from there download Visual Basic 6.0 service pack 6 files.


I strongly believe there is no limit for the number of records in access database.
Try to create index on the fields for faster data access.

Thanks Choudh.. and debasis das. I was infact already thinking of using Mysql but i dont know how to query the database from vb. I know how to do it in server scripts of web sites and it is very efficient. In vb do I have to use the inefficient DAta1.recordset.movenext? And between the sql and vb sp6 which wold you recomment?
As for debasisdas, why do you think it is behaving that way if not fulll?

i will always recommend you to use sql server database instead of using access.

can any one get me a link of the Vb-mysql notes and any thing i need to know when connecting to a sql server?