i am doing a project in vb n ms access, i have an issue..its simple i think but i dont no..
in my form i have intime text box which has the computer time,and there is a duration textbox where i have to type in a number..and one more text box is there timeout,,which's value shud be intime + duration, duration is entered in minutes

eg: suppose
intime = 3.00
duration in mins = 90
then out time shud be = 4.30
can any one tell me how to do for dates its easy n i know we have to use dateadd funcion...can anyone tell me for time.is there any function or so ...


Check this code:

Dim InDate As Date
Dim NewDate As Date
InDate = Format(txtIn, "hh:mm:ss")
NewDate = DateAdd("n", Val(txtDur), InDate)
txtOutTime = Format(NewDate, "hh:mm")