Can any one help me out with a code which will take data from a CSV file and form a XML?

Hi Souvik thanks for the help. But u know I am just a beginner in VB Script so this code is bit tough for me to decipher but I have been given a task to make an application which will convert CSV to XML. Can you please help me with something easier?

well my friend,
you have been given such a task which requires mutilevel coding. that's why the coding for this are so advanced. i just found it useful and post it here. now you can also find yourself. there are tons of examples out there in the internet. making some search in google will give you enough results. you can look into these beginner sites also :-

ok......as you requested i will try to create a sample program for you. but i'm telling from advance that this will take some time. so you have to wait for that.
do you have sufficient time in your hand? when should you have to submit your task?
is it your school project or some module job for a software development project?

waiting for your reply.
hv a nice day...