Hi, I have made a DataProject in VB6 with Access as back-end. Using Jet OLEDB 4 as provider. Programme is running well on my Computer. When I Installed the project on another Computer where VB6 is no installed on Hard disc, Error comes. When I try to show Report in runtime on another computer where there is no VB6 on it, Error comes as "Application defined or Object defined error". Please help!

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make your project executable.


You have to maka a Set-Up file for your project (Using Package and Deployment Wizard) and Install on another system..
Make exe, copy Exe+Database on the the other system and run..



Even though you make an .exe file of your program still same error will show...

Try to register the .dll of the data report found on c:\windows\system32... and look for the dll of the data report... and then copy it..

If you want to run your program on computers without vb6.. then try to use this..

Start>Run> enter regsvr32 "<Path of the dll file of the data report".... and the press enter..

if this doesn't work.. try to install vb6 on the computer..

Hope this thing works...

I have already made exe file and also made setup file by using package and deployment wizard in VB6. I have added database in package. After installing from this package setup on my computer the project works fine. But when I try to install this packaged project on some other computer where there is no VB6 installed then the error comes when you try to display the DataReport " Application defined or Object defined error ". But the rest of the programme runs well which contains lot of Data Grids, text boxes , which gets connected well to database.
I have written code for Data environment in the DataEnvironment_initialiazes. Also whether it is good to use Shape command instead of DataEnvironment.

If you're using an adoc data control for use with these reports. you may need to rebuild the location withe the ado Properties. you would need to right click the ado and reestablished the build. The reason for this is, because all drive letter may not be the same. If you're getting path errors and thats what you need to do.

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