I have created a project including some controls like labels, textboxes and buttons. When I click the print preview it shows me the print preview of the form and their controls. But without the background of the form.

It would be nice to have a picturebox on the form so I can decide where I want to put graphics when I print it. But when I add a picturebox to the form and click print preview the form looses all of his controls!

I need to print controls as wel as graphics, can someone help me here?

Thanks ,

Ps I have added the example project as a zip file to this treat.

Is there nobody with some knowledge about printing?


Your question simply isn't specific enough. What are you printing? How? From what application? Visual Studio, I assume. Are you wanting, essentially, a screen shot of your IDE? Or are you coding a print function into your application?

If you don't get an answer to your question, it's best to assume the problem is with the question, rather than assuming a lack of knowledge on the part of the entire community.

I thought the attached zip file inculding the project would give enough information.

Correct me if I am wrong?


I haven't downloaded the attached project. Many users who might have time to answer a question on a forum may not have the time to download someone's project, open it, and attempt to decipher all of their source code.

Asking good questions is in art, I know. If you can't ask a clear question you can't expect a clear answer. I'm a C# coder and have been a print driver, RIP and embedded print engine developer for many years. I can likely help you, but I'm still not sure what you want.

You state you need to print controls as well as graphics. I don't know what that means. Please rephrase your question.

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