The program to compute the area and perimeter of an arbitrary triangle using the formula:

where a,band c are lengths of sides ands is the semi perimeter.


I m making a lot of errors where i dont know what to do.

haha im no programmer by any means.. but i have heard this a million times..
you need to post some code that youve worked up or you wont receive a reply.
the reason is simple: they arent going to do your homework for you. folks want
to see where youre stuck and what youve got before troubleshooting. that way
you are still learning and are just being resourceful and not being carried by the
kid next to you in class.. I know I bag on the hyperneosupermondoeducated all
too often, but it doesnt mean that they didnt work for thier education.

post some code & im sure youll get the help you need