I`m recently got my last year project in a company, it’s a consultant company. I’m not sure how I’m going to start with the project…So I need help from you guys…
I`ll start with the companies requirement:
1. He has a team of 7 people how will enter the names of the people who have they sent to a particular company. He wants to maintain the database of the same. The team member would enter their name, candidates name ,age, sex, education,…etc and at last he wants a option like “Feedback awaited” , “Shortlisted”, “Offer made” and it should be updated whenever required.
2. The main aim of this project is that he wants reports of all the above details: Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly.

First of all my only concern is that how all I`m suppose to maintain it….I mean..What should I use as a database…Access/sql..Should I maintain a single database for everything or something else...he has his system on LAN…So it’s like he wants the software to be like client server , all the data should be updated at runtime.

So any idea can you people give me…so that I can start off…

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Thanks for the reply but how am I suppose to design the rest of it...?


What will you use--VB.Net 1.1/2.0 + MS Access/Ms SQL 2000/2005.

You will need to design the DB first and then the Forms.

If you need more guidance--just post a message.

By the way--do you know .Net and Access/SQL??

Sunil Punjabi

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