I'm writing an app in VB with an excel worksheet. At one point I need to solve a set of equations that are not explicit, so I need a numerical solver program. Excel's Solver is supposedly designed for this purpose; however my past experience is that it is very fickle and prone to problems. So my plan is to find another (preferably free) numerical solver program out there that can interface with Excel and/or Visual Basic. I was wondering if anyone has tried this before and can recommend a program or solution?


What kind of numerical solvers..?
You can give some examples.. so somebody can help you..


Part of the question was if anyone actually knew of any numerical solver programs (such as Matlab or Mathematica) out there that can interface with VB/Excel. I've read that SciLab might have some ability to interface with Excel. I would like a program where I can feed it a bunch of nontrivial equations in my code, and solve for the roots with a high degree of accuracy. A lot of times with Excel Solver, I have to play with the settings until it will solve an equation.