I've been using VB 6.0 for a long time and this is the first time that I run into this. When I make changes to a project and try to save it, VB gives a message "File [name of the project.vbp] not found". I've checked that I tried to save it to the right path and everthing seems fine but I keep getting the error message. When I exit VB and check the project with Windows Explorer, it looks that it saved it because of the date and time shown. If I reload it the changes were saved but, I can't get rid of the error message. It's not giving me the error with one project in particular, it does it with all my projects.

are you trying to modify a radonly file copied from a read only media like a CD ?

are you trying to modify a radonly file copied from a read only media like a CD ?

Debasisdas, thank you for your response. The error message ocurred in any project that I loaded and none of them is read only. Yesterday it got worse. I added a form to a project and it saved the form but it wouldn't save the project so, when I reloaded it, the form was in the subdirectory "\forms\" of the project but was not part of the project (I always put all the project's forms in a subdirectory). What I did was to reinstall (repair) VB 6.0 and now is working fine. I didn't have the time to experiment and find out what was happening. All I can think of is that a VB file was corrupted somehow and it was repaired by the reinstallation. Thanks again.

if the form is not part of the project you can easily add the files by pressing Ctrl+D you need to save that to project.

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