Hello everybody,

I want to make an installer of my VB6 app so that it installs all the required files, create database, tables, Stored Procs in MSSQL 2000. Is there anybody who can give me some idea on this?

Thanks in advance!

Inside of VB6, there's an action that says "Create Installer Package" or something like that.

U can use Package and Deployment Wizard which comes with VB6
To open package and deployment

> Go Start -> Program Files -> Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0-> Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0 Tools -> package and Deployment wizard


> Open VB Project
> Choose Add-Ins->Add-In Manager menu
> Choose Package and Deployment Wizard
(Tick Load/Unload and Load on Startup)

>This will help u to create ur own installer

or you can use third party package creator such as setup factory... this will give you a more sophisticated installer (options such as adding a serial number validation, more simple registry customization, etc.)


it will be better to handle the database part manually if it is sql server or oracle.

Thanks all of you for your response. I will try the solutions already provided by you.