I'm pretty new to programming. I've just been studying a few weeks off and on. I know a little, and I'm learning as I go. Programming is so much fun! I really wish I would have gotten into it years ago, but here's my question. I have a longterm project in mind, and I wont to know if it's feasible and how difficult it will be.

There's an XML feed for my school that some other class designed. It's just a simple idea that lists all classes, room number, and the person with the highest GPA. The feed is set up like this. Each one of the following lines would also be a link to more information about the class, etc.

Economics, Room 216, James Faker, 3.4
Social Studies, Room 231, Brain Fictitious, 3.5

etc, etc

The student also has a picture reference that depicts his GPA based on the number. The picture is basically just a graph. I just want to write a program that uses the information on this feed.

I want it to reach out to this XML feed, record each instance of the above format along with the picture reference of the highest GPA student, download it locally, and then be able to use that information in various was. I figured I'll start by counting each instance. For example, the above would be 2 instances.

Eventually, I want it to be able to cross reference data you've already downloaded, and be able to compare GPA's, etc. It would have a GUI and everything too, but I am trying to keep it simple right now, and just build onto it as I learn.

So lets just say this. How do you grab information from the web, in this case a feed, and then use that in calculations? How would you implement such a project? Would you save the information into a text file? Or would you use something else? Should I study up on SQLite? Maybe I should study classes. I'm just not sure. What would be the most effective technique?

You want to learn about classes first. Python is designed to be an object-oriented language for a reason: classes give your program structure and therefore help reduce debugging time.

From there, you will need to learn, probably in this order:

* Tkinter (or wxPython, but Tkinter is easier)
* the pickle module (a good substitute for non-complex SQLite apps)
* the urllib2 module
* XML parsing

Have fun!