anyone please help me how to save images in access database while reducing its size.

in my application, daily 100-150 images captures (passport size photo) using webcam and saves images to db. but db size is increases day to day basis. it is very difficult to take backup.

I want help to while saving images, image size should be reduce so that db size would not effect that much. (easy to take backup on daily basis). i had learnd about image size can be reduce to 4 kb. (passport size photograph).

Please help me.

Hi, I came up with the code that can save passport-size image in access database. I had the same kind of problem like you do, when I was working on my pet project. It took a lot of efforts and inspiration to achieve. I will keep in touch later, after editting it for general viewing.

I want to Create a (urdu Word Process) But I have no exprianse for this. Please any one Tell me About Unocode Of Urdu For VB 6.0
And also tell me about what funcation is used for unicode such as,
private sub_formload()

end sub

please please please help me

i am requesting to all membures

your post shows you are a novice programmer with no idea of VB. You even do not know what is an event and what is a function. You need to learn the basics first. Please refere some good books .And after all please do not hijack others threads . Start a thread of your own if you havce any questions.

I will just give you and an idea on how to save images in Database...... There are 2 ways to save images into DB but I will just give one idea only co'z the second one is very advance....

Here's how make a function that gets the raw information of the image using "open binary access read" then save the raw information into database "usually text based info."

To retrieve images back to its original size, reverse the procedure above.....