I need some algorithms with syntax to work out logical operations using Standard template library(STLs). Please get me some examples of these or teach me regarding logical operations using STLs.

I am not getting with those examples. It looks difficukt to understand and there are no example programs. They have used iota functions which is not working in my system even if i include #include<numeric>. I completed arithmetic operations, relational operations from "C++ standard library A tutorail and reference". But ia m not getting good tutorials for logic operations. Would u please get me some more understandable tutorials with examples

Something like this?
[edit] Hmm, that's not a great link after all... Please disregard

yes. But using STLs.

In that case, I don't know any sites that have clearer examples then the site mentioned in post #1.
Did you look at the examples for logical operations?

yes i studied those tutorials. Actually i am working on japanese language. Now i got some examples which was in japanese page. I will study these examples. It may helpful for me.