Hi all,

I have a customer that has an application using the runtime BASRUN20.

The data tables use the extension .D and .X

They also have a utility to rebuild the files using a program called BUILDX.EXE.

There is no source code.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to read this data? I am converting their application to .Net.

I have never worked with these types of tables. BTW, they are not flat ASCII tables.



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Yesterday I tried doing a google search for you searching for BASRUN20 and came up with nothing to note. I'll look into this again later for ya.

Quick question - can you open the .d file in something like notepad ?
If so it is probably a fixed length data file. I work with these every day so if needs be let me know.

He mentioned they're not flat ascii tables. Wouldn't that imply he gets wacky characters when he opens them in notepad? I don't know ... just an idea.

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