Hi all
I need to submit my assignment urgently. Still now I have no idea on that. anyone can help me to finish my assignment. I attached my assignment question as well as my uncompleted answer.

*my programing skill is very bad.
please, help me.
Thank u all.
this is my Question http://www.mediafire.com/?umvrcwwtzy0
this is my answer http://www.mediafire.com/?iw5myd14cxd

three problems:
1) your asking us to do your assignment for you
2) even if you have done most of the work, some people cannot open .rar files (like me) so wont be able to see it
3) you don't specify why you can't finish the assignment yourself, what is the actual problem

*my programing skill is very bad.

you get better by trying, and if you have a specific question, you can get an answer, therefore getting better, getting other people to do your work for you won't help your skill

Video class:
you need to add the findVideo method. The argument as specified by the .pdf file as well as whta it needs to do. Just create a for-loop that compares all the videos in the array or the ArrayList with the other video given.
you declare a noOfHires vatraible but you don't use it. It needs to have value 0 expilicity in the constructor or where you declare it. Then add a void method (increaseNoOfHires) that increases its value by one. So whenever this video is hired you will call that method.

Hires class:
Rename the Hire (suggestion, you don't have to follow it)
the customer, video variables of the class shopuld not be String but Customer and Video:

public class Hires {
	private String HireID;
	private Video video;
	private Customer customer;
	private String DateHired;

You don't need a DateHired argument at the constructor. When you call the constructor call the Date now=new Date() and use the SimplDateFormat object as described in the .pdf file to give value to the DateHired

Main class.
in case 5: you will use the user's input to add data in the HireList. In the begining HireList would be empty, but whenever you call case 5, you will more data.

Add in a while loop almost all your main method. From:

Scanner in = new Scanner(System.in);
int userinput = in.nextInt();

till the end.

And when the user selects the 7th option then break freom the loop

Scanner in = new Scanner(System.in);
int userinput = in.nextInt();

while (userinout != 7) {

} // switch end

userinput = in.nextInt();
} // while end
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