In a form there are 2 combo boxes, and two textboxes. The two of the combo boxes are cmblevl and cmbpcode. The two of the textboxes are txtccode and txtcdesc. The combo boxes are labeled 'LEVEL' and 'PARENT' respectively. The text boxes are labeled 'CHILD' and 'DESCRIPTION' respectively.

The items that should be displayed in cmblevel is set in the Items section of the properties, and thus is not binded to the database table.(1,2,3,4,5). That is there are five levels displaying in the combo box.

When Add item is selected (binding navigator), then All the controls will be enabled. If the user chooses Level 1 under the Level Combo Box, the next option he has is to add a CHILD for Level 1. When the save option is clicked, then the data that has been entered will be saved into the database. When Level 2 is selected, the CHILD values from LEVEL 1 will be automatically filled into the PARENT combo box.

So then under Level 2, the user is able to choose the PARENT and then also add a CHILD for each parent.

Now please provide me with the code that is supposed to allow the PARENT combo box to be automatically filled with data of the CHILD under Level 1 when Level 2 is selected.