i learnt c language but iam not aware of practical applications of c.how this can be used in development of any softwares,webdesigning ,or creating a virus or destroing a virus.can any one show any one practcally so i can be aware of and i will try in furthur applictions.


Just look at all the programs that are running on your computer. Probably 90% of them are written in C or C++ languages.

>>webdesigning -- C/C++ is not very popular for that. Java and PHP are probably the two most popular languages.

I am too in the same stage.

I got into further search in internet and help from communities.

Practical programming may be a bit diffrent fom what you have done for your studie's.

Right now i am coding a media [Just audio] Player in c.

Also planed to start with a image viewer in c.

First of all get some source code of some practical example applications and go through it,

You will get a clean lay out of how a application is being made out.

You can get some source codes here.


further c is mainly applied for some application or system programming and its not used in web designing.

Be clear with what you are trying to learn.

If you have some information to share, you can post it here.

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What everthing you see can be done with programming( C ). So keep your eyes open when you are using your Windows, Unix Or Linux.

just think what u can add to software, which will be helpful to others as well.