I'm trying to put the whole program into a loop and I'm not shure where to place it. I have lots of diffrent windows that have to be updated. I have tried adding it into the function that starts the program but it just gets stuck in a loop and doesn't update anything else. Any ideas? I'm know how to use loops without a gui. I guess I just don't know where to put it.

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I think we need a bit more specifics. Is there a redraw function by any chance? Are you using QT? Why doesn't putting main() code into a loop work? You mean it doesn't redraw child windows?

I'm new with working with the GUI so bare with me. I just have one window with a couple of inputs and its suppose to give me outputs based on time. I just need all the void functions to run in a loop until I close the window. Thanks for the reply

I don't understand why just putting that code into a loop doesn't work. Do you think maybe you could copy/paste some of your code here so we can see what's going on exactly?

let me change some things and I will submit the code again.

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