What version of MS access is compatible to VB 6.0??? And any other application beside of access you can suggest. Thanks a lot...

you can connect any version to VB.

how you are trying to connect.

which version u got problem?
like debasisdas said you can connect vb with any version of access.

I am just wondering if there is limitation when its comes to versions of access. What application can you suggest to a beginner like me? Is access is "beginner" friendly?

>> Is access is "beginner" friendly?
Yes, i think.
Access is easiest more than other database.
there are sqlserver, oracle, mysql, etc. but access is the easiest one.

Final question, If you gonna advice me, which one will I will use in my thesis??? access? sqlserver? mysql? or other?

Depend on your project...
if u needed to handle large database i suggest to use SQLServer...
but if u didn't use large database on your thesis (just for simple database), do it with MsAccess.
Its from me...

i would suggest to go for oracle.

So to sum it all, If I will make a large database I need to use other application besides access. But on the other hand even though access can cater only simple database it is easy to use.

Ok I've decided I'm going to use MS Access, By the way my thesis is about student grants database.

Good Luck with your thesis.
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Happy coding friend :)