new to this forum,my querry is the most basic that anyone could have asked ever here.

i am a final year student and am alloted a project to built an ivr system for fault control management of our local college exchange.

now i searched a lot on internet to "how to start and make an ivrs project"

but i couldnt find a simple layman answer to it.

can anyone help me .on these questions :

1. what hardware do we need to have ?

2. what software we require?

3. which language do we need to know.our group has basic knowledge of c++ and VB.

4.whats the output of voice modem if the input is DTMF ?
5.If i want to run ivr ,this output of voice modem should be put through serial port into pc?
6. if i want speaker out (from pc)to voice modem can i do that (i.e can voice modem take output of speaker from pc as input in its port)?
7.for ivr system which what is suggested voice modem/dialogic card?and which specific modem should i buy?(we have a final year project ,to be submitted in a few days)

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nice,i wil explain evething
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Ahhh!!!! IT'S A NECROPHILIAC! A NECROMONGER! A NECROMANCER! And with a name like ihcur, you know it just got to be evil. I mean look at it! It raises the dead!!! Ahhh RUN!!! RUN FOR YOU LIVES!!!! AHHH!!!

All kidding aside ihcur, welcome to the forum! :)

Please, in the future if you need to reference another thread, copy its url into your new thread as raising the dead around here gives people the willys... :)

As for your request, I doubt anyone would be willing to just give you the code for an IVR system (for those that don't know what an IVR system is see this yahoo search... http://search.yahoo.com/search?p=what+is+an+ivr+system&toggle=1&cop=mss&ei=UTF-8&fr=yfp-t-701 ). Now if you are dead set upon someone giving you the code, well I believe that will come with a price and your best bet is to go over to http://www.rentacoder.com and place your job up for bid.

BUT! If you are willing to do this yourself, then I have some suggestions for you. First, goto MS and download their speech recognition sdk... http://search.microsoft.com/results.aspx?form=MSHOME&mkt=en-US&setlang=en-US&q=voice+recognition+sdk (SAPI).

Then, there are several ways in which to get your computer to speak back to you. One way is to use the text to speech sdk http://search.microsoft.com/Results.aspx?q=text+to+speech+sdk&mkt=en-US&FORM=QBME1&l=1&refradio=0&qsc0=0

and this little read is an introduction to both... http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms870025.aspx

Good Luck

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