new to this forum,my querry is the most basic that anyone could have asked ever here.

i am a final year student and am alloted a project to built an ivr system for fault control management of our local college exchange.

now i searched a lot on internet to "how to start and make an ivrs project"

but i couldnt find a simple layman answer to it.

can anyone help me .on these questions :

1. what hardware do we need to have ?

2. what software we require?

3. which language do we need to know.our group has basic knowledge of c++ and VB.

4.whats the output of voice modem if the input is DTMF ?
5.If i want to run ivr ,this output of voice modem should be put through serial port into pc?
6. if i want speaker out (from pc)to voice modem can i do that (i.e can voice modem take output of speaker from pc as input in its port)?
7.for ivr system which what is suggested voice modem/dialogic card?and which specific modem should i buy?(we have a final year project ,to be submitted in a few days)

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I just want VB code for ivrs.

Ahhh!!!! IT'S A NECROPHILIAC! A NECROMONGER! A NECROMANCER! And with a name like ihcur, you know it just got to be evil. I mean look at it! It raises the dead!!! Ahhh RUN!!! RUN FOR YOU LIVES!!!! AHHH!!!

All kidding aside ihcur, welcome to the forum! :)

Please, in the future if you need to reference another thread, copy its url into your new thread as raising the dead around here gives people the willys... :)

As for your request, I doubt anyone would be willing to just give you the code for an IVR system (for those that don't know what an IVR system is see this yahoo search... ). Now if you are dead set upon someone giving you the code, well I believe that will come with a price and your best bet is to go over to and place your job up for bid.

BUT! If you are willing to do this yourself, then I have some suggestions for you. First, goto MS and download their speech recognition sdk... (SAPI).

Then, there are several ways in which to get your computer to speak back to you. One way is to use the text to speech sdk

and this little read is an introduction to both...

Good Luck

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