I am creating a form that will have numerous labels in it, enough so that it will go beyond the length of the form and screen size. How can I set a scroll bar to work with the form and also, I can't extend the form itself far enough to continue adding labels.

you can't add scrollbars to scroll the form itself.

Can you add a scroll bar to a frame? How would you do it if you can?


In Such kind of Situations, You need to Use an SSTab Control. Place SSTab Control on the form, and add say 3 or 4 Tabs. Group all the Related TextBoxes/Controls and Move them (Cut and paste) on the Tabs..
That way, user does not get annoyed with an un-ending list of textboxes on one unit..


Hi, My suggestion is "add your all controls to any container" such as Picture Box or Frame etc. Make the container as Big as you need. Add a vertical scroll bar when the container goes beyond the form size. Finally, when scroll the scroll bar move the container inside the form.

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