I am also trying to get the user to move 10 lbl box's one to a top ten lbl box, so it go

1 ________ One
2 ________ Two
3 ________ Three ext.........

So the lblOne gose to the lbl1 ________
and the lblOne gose to the lbl2 _______
and the lblOne gose to the lbl2 _______ ext.......

But they can put in any oder!
So the lblOne can go were ever if the top 10 ______!

If any one knows how to do this let me know Please!

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from your post i am not sure what you are trying to do ,please post your question clearly.

I am trying to make it so that the user can move anyone of the 10 Label box called "lblmovebox" onto any one of the top ten blank label box called "lbldropbox". So they can pick up any one of the "lblmovebox" and drag it onto anyone of the top ten blank label
"lbldropbox. When they move the "lblmovebox" to the "lbldropbox" I want the Caption to show up in the blank label box lbldropbox.


The top 4 deadliest spiders

1 blank label banana spidwer
"lbldropbox" "lblmovebox"

2 blank label sydney funnell webb
"lbldropbox2" "lblmovebox2"

3 blank label wofl spider
"lbldropbox3" "lblmovebox3"

4 blank label black widow
"lbldropbox4" "lblmovebox4"

So if they think the wofl spider is #1 they just click on the "lblmovebox3" and it can be move to the "lbldropbox", and if they want to take the "lblmovebox3" and move it to "lbldropbox2" they can! After they are done I will add up the score with a cmd button and show them the top 4 deadliest spiders, and show them what they put!

Thanks for your time



Instead of using a Set of Label Controls, Use 2 ListBoxes, (Available And Selected)
(say, lstAvail, lstSel)
In DoubleClick event, Add or Remove Items from the respective ListBoxes..
Say, as per your Example, Available ListBox Consists of 4 ListItems:
"banana spider"
"sydney funnell webb"
"wofl spider"
"black widow"

This is some pseudo-code:

In lstAvail_Double Click Event,

If lstAvail.SelCount =1 Then
    lstSel.AddItem lstAvail.Text, 0
    lstAvail.RemoveItem lstAvail.ListIndex
End If

Same Code, for lstSel_DoubleClick event:

If lstSel.SelCount =1 Then
    lstAvail.AddItem lstSel.Text, 0
    lstSel.RemoveItem lstSel.ListIndex
End If

Make Bigger Font of both the ListBoxes..
this is lot easier to handle..


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