:) Hi Masters,
My name is Tejas and i m a member of daniweb. i m just a bigginer in IT Field.
Can You Solve my Deficultest ERRORS of my software If you think so then it is as follows
I creatre a Software which has 6 Crystal Reports With Dynemic Image ,15 Forms and 1Module. it is Run Sucessfully in My Computer. BUT it creates some problems when i install it on other computers This problems are as follows.

1. My one which has Dynemic Image that report create an error like "Physical Databse not Found"
2. When i Delete Some record from Databse using Software. and when i open the report that Deleted Record STILL Displayed in Report
3. Another Report Which has Dynemic Image. That can't Display Image

:@ I don't Know Why this type of Errors happen when i create any Packeg and install in Any other computer.:confused:

Please Give me some answer Because this Error make me Crazzy ;)

First of all...........is it an exe file with database that u r running on another comp????if yes, please try and load vb6 on the other comp with crystal reports....and compile on that machine.........do not use a different verison.....like Visual basic 6 working model edition or standard edition........use the one which u have used on your comp for making this project and
ensure the path is correct for the reports to function....