Hey guys i am new to programing but serious and have great ideas but just need to learn alittle more but what i really want to noe is... is visual basic anygood for making topend programs i mean its a grate prgraming language and easy to use but how does it stand up against the rest like java, c and c++ in quality let me noe what you think

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Hi domyg, welcome to DaniWeb.

VB is alright, but its only really compatible with Windows. C++ is more cross-platform (dependant on the code used) and Java; whilst cross-platform compatible like C++, it needs a Java Runtime installed in order to be ran successfully.

I think VB is a good starting place for a new programmer, but if you want to be serious with programming, you'll find yourself wanting to move to bigger and better things over time (as I am now - I want to get learning Java).


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