Hi friends,
I know process of connectivity to oracle but i have a problem whenever i restart my computer it shows ORACLE NOT AVAILABLE .

How can i avoid this disconnection error.

Please help me.

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PLease be clear.............you say restart your comp ???? it implies you have some issues regarding oracle installation......if not then simply create a module and call it in form_load
the module should establish the connectivity through use of code.


When you re-start the computer, It takes, some time for Oracle Services to start.. So You have to wait for few minutes after Windows have started..
Also check all the Oracle Services have configured as "Automatic Start"..


There is some issue i faced when installing Oracle 8i on Windows XP. All the oracle services are not started automatically. I used to take an alternate route to UP the database.

Try this

Go to command prompt. and type the foll commands


C:\>svrmgrl [enter]
'Rem: u will the svrmgr prompt then type CONNECT INTERNAL/ORACLE and hit enter

'After getting the connected message type STARTUP and hit enter
'you get few messages and the database mounted message at end.
'once this is done exit the svrmgr.
svrmgr> STARTUP
Database Mounted.



Now try running ur project.

U may even try to get another version of the Oracle and try it out.

Shaik Akthar

check out the documents attached

Shaik Akthar

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