Hi there I have a problem creating a slot machine game in turbo c++ because I cant get the value of the randomize number....

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Use srand()

can u make me one? pls

can u make me one? pls

Yes I can. But the question is: can you?

How about googling for srand()/rand() ?

no i cant. can you pls help me?

>no i cant.
So what you're saying is that you're unwilling or incapable of searching Daniweb, Google, or any book on C. This is a dreadfully simple problem and the question is asked quite frequently.

>can you pls help me?
No, you're beyond help. If you can't be bothered to do simple research, we can't be bothered to spend our valuable time on a lost cause. Come back when you've actually attempted to help yourself first.

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